Custom Repeat Customer Thank You Note Card Template

Cassie Smallwood

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Custom Repeat Customer Thank You Note Card Template

This repeat customer thank you note card template can be edited in Canva  (with a free account) and personalized with your logo and branding. 

Add your social links, website, and company logo as well as a customized message to say thank you to your repeat customer.

This is a great way to send an appreciation note to your best returning customers.

Add your own colors and branding to your packaging.

Show off your brand colors, logo, and customize the message to your customers.

This returning customer thank you card template works perfectly for small businesses to thank a repeat customer.

This listing is for one custom repeat customer thank you note card template that can be fully edited in Canva. 

It comes with a tutorial video for editing your thank you card template and printing 4 per sheet.

You can also upload your completed custom repeat customer thank you card design into a card printing site if you don't want to print your thank you cards yourself.




~Easy to edit with a FREE Canva account

~All text can be edited for wording, font, color, size and placement and any you don't want can be deleted.

~All elements, icons, etc. can be edited for color, moved, replaced or deleted. ~Upload your own logo. ~Post card size 4.25" x 5.5"

~Can be printed and cut on the dotted lines, printed on perforated cardstock, or uploaded to a card printing service

~4 Cards are printed per page when you use the provided printing template



1. Purchase the template in this listing.

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3. Click the link in the PDF file to watch the editing tutorial. The video will show you how to make all changes to the templates as well as how to use the printing template to print 4 per page.

4. Click the link in the PDF file to access your templates.



1. Purchase your thank you card template.

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3. Download files attached to your purchase.



Print on heavyweight cardstock on your printer at home OR Print on perforated cardstock for easy tear-off cards (There's a link in the tutorial video for where to buy this) OR Upload into a card printing service like Vistaprint and have them printed for you

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